How will CYSO keep our young musicians safe?

CLICK HERE to access the full REVISED CYSO COVID-19 protocol document/ ***VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!

CYSO will be implementing the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Guidance for Indoor Events. Keep reading here for some of the highlights of the CYSO safety plan.

  •  Group 1 will start arriving at the back of the building at 6:15pm. Temperatures will be taken on the back patio before entering the building. Absolutely no student with a temperature or exhibiting signs of illness will be allowed to attend a CYSO rehearsal. CYSO assistants will oversee the entrance to the building. Masks must be worn by students and CYSO staff at all times, including outside the door before you enter. NO STUDENTS MAY ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOORS!! All students will be seated 6ft apart and everyone must have their own individual stand, no sharing. Strings wear masks in rehearsal. Winds will have their own rehearsal room with open doors and windows. CYSO winds will rehearse on the back patio weather permitting. CYSO will be purchasing custom made two flap masks for wind players. Group 1 rehearsal ends at 7:30pm. The rooms will air out from 6:30-6:45pm. Group 2 should arrive at 6:40 and will rehearse until 8:45pm. 

  • Students are encouraged to carry sanitizing wipes in their instrument case.                                              

  • The Alliance Francaise building is large enough to accommodate our students and staff but NO PARENTS are allowed to enter the building. We are very sorry that there is no room for parents at rehearsals but there are many things to do in the area on 6th avenue and on Broadway. We hope you will use this time to run an errand, eat a quick dinner, or explore options near by. A little quiet time for you will be a great thing:)

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in every room. 

  • If your child is sick they must stay home on rehearsal days. No students will be allowed in rehearsal if they are sick.

  • All safety precautions are subject to change based on the status of the virus.