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At the CYSO, we believe that family comes first, music makes community, and motivated kids do their best when they aren’t stressed out. 


We believe that youth orchestras should really cater to youth: our age limit is 19 or younger, and all students are enrolled in local K-12 schools and homeschool students.  


We know that IB and AP students are occasionally slammed with homework, and we want them to know they are supported: it’s totally OK for these students to occasionally miss rehearsal!


We know that in-person auditions and chair tests sometimes don’t show students at their absolute best, so we are looking to the future and making ALL auditions video auditions.  This way, students can record their pieces as many times as needed in the comfort of their own homes, and just send us what they are comfortable sharing.


We trust families to make the decisions that are right for them, and we truly believe that with patience, kindness, flexibility, and empathy, we can all start to heal in a post-COVID Colorado.

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